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Happy Island People

Archaeological artifacts found in  one of Brac's caves are proving the existence of life on the island 3000 years before Christ. According to  the structure of the evidence found, it was concluded that the oldest inhabitant on the island was a hunter, a shepherd and a fisherman.

About 5000 years later, this inhabitant is still living on the island, only now,  he added one more activity,  and that is tourism.

Never the less, he managed to preserve  his life style in this turbo developing world.

That's the reason  the people on the island are somehow happier,  they live their life relaxed, slowly, without any hurry.

During her first visit to the island, a friend of mine asked in amazement: Why are people on streets always smiling? What's wrong with them? After a long reassurance that the people on the island are not perverts,  she begun to understand  that people are just being polite. And satisfied. Satisfied with their life on this peace of heaven.

These people were even happy and satisfied when they didn't have a  reason for that, when they were without water (just for the record water on the island came in 1968.) and without food.

The famous Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor said about Brac: "Island without bread, without water, without roads ...".

The only thing there was and still have in abundance is stone. So, you don't have to be surprised when I tell you about the dish which our grandparents were often eating in their childhood,  „stone brodetto“. Yes, stone. It's not a metaphorical name, it was just a stone. If you're interested, the recipe of this culinary delight is very simple; all you need is some water and some stone. Actually, it has to be specific stone, freshly extracted from the sea, so the special flavor is given by few winkles, limpet or seaweed that is, if you were lucky, caught on the stone. A few minutes of cooking on low heat and ... Buon appetite!

Considering the poverty in past, it is not surprising that the people of Brač are known for its stinginess. Like most Dalmatians, people from Brac have developed a preference for mocking type of  humor, from which they did  not exclude  themselves. So don't worry, they won't offend if you tell a joke about their stinginess in their company.  Moreover, they will answer you with an even a better joke than yours.

So, pack your luggage, fill your pockets with jokes, come to Brac, and get know this special kind of people. Who knows, maybe their happiness will infect you!