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Visit some of the most interesting cultural sites in Supetar and on the island of Brač:

Ivan Rendić Gallery, Supetar

  • The gallery honors the life and work of Ivan Rendić, one of the most famous Croatian sculpturers
  • Gallery is part of the Supetar library located in the centre
  • Entrance is free of charge

Petrinović Mausoleum, Supetar

  • Built by Toma Rosandić in 1924
  • Located at the Supetar's cemetery

St. Peter's Parish Church collection, Supetar

  • Located in Supetar, next to the parish church
  • Displays paintings and sculptures from the Venetian Renaissance and Baroque

Lovrečina and the Basilica of St. Lawrence

  • Popular resort and swimming area with the only sandy beach on the island of Brač
  • Villa Rustica, Roman querry was discovered here
  • Remains of the Basilica of St Lawrence (5th and 6th centuries)
  • 9 km distance from Supetar

Ložišća Cathedral, Ložišća

  • Located in the village of Ložišća 
  • Work by the Brac sculptor Ivan Rendić
  • Decorated and monumental bell tower                                                                               

Medieval Chappels, Brač

  • More than 20 of them scattered all over the Brač island

The Dragon's Cave above Murvica, Bol

  • Murvica is a small village 7 km west of Bol
  • It is called The Dragon's Cave because of the relief of the dragon in it
  • It was a temple and dwelling of the glagollitic priests
  • Reliefs are monument to the monastic life of the Glagolitic friars in the 15th century
  • Cave is 20 m long and divided into four halls
  • Visit to the Dragon's Cave is only possible with the guide 
  • It is necessary to take sport shoes and water

The Dominican Monastery in Bol

  • Build on the peninsula Glavica in 15th century
  • Numerous works of art are in the church and monastery collection
  • Main attraction is Tintoretto's altar painting Madona with child and Saints
  • Monastery has a museum with a rich artistic collection and a very intersting garden

Škrip Museum, Škrip

  • Museum of the island of Brač
  • Rich collection and inventory of the island's past, stretching all the way to the Illyrians
  • The museum houses valuable collections: arecheological, ethnographical and cultural -hisotrical
  • Opened every day from 8AM - 8PM

Blaca Hermitage

  • The cave monastery over 400 years old
  • Was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative list.
  • It was a hermitage of Glagolitic order established by the priests in 1552
  • Blaca was also world wide known astronomic observatory
  • Located on the Southern side of the island of Brač