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Hotel Osam, Supetar on Island Brac

So what is it all about?

To go somewhere different, where people really care?

To eat and drink like it is your last day on Earth?

To have best vacation ever?


I say yes, all of that together and even more, that is what Hotel Osam really is: truly unique, Island leisure and personal pleasure.

Adult only Hotel Osam with its position and atmosphere is nothing else but best possible exception among other hotels.

Couples or singles, friends or just business travelers, at hotel Osam everybody feels unique and special one.

Having coolest cocktail on Hotel Osam  Rooftop bar is unforgettable experience, and continued by excellent dinner garnished with local and international specialties makes person thinking: where was this hotel and this Island before?

Yes, we can do it. For sure. Hotel Osam is a must see & feel. 

Now, let's drink some more wine. Did anybody order a dinner?